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Exterior Painting Service


​When it comes to exterior painting service knowledge is key in Colorado and at European Style Inc you have years of professional and hands on knowledge.


We specialize in Residentail and Commercial Exterior Painting, refinishing and restoration and more. Offering a full line of auality products and tested methods that can withstand the test of Colorado Weather.


If you are looking to restore that historical paint job with all the details and former glory or have a newer home that needs that fresh new coast of paint European Style can provide the best service and experience in Denver.

Interior Painting Service


Interior painitng is a detail oriented  task, and needs a skilled professional who takes pride in their work, and their clients.

With so many varietys of walls and surfaces such as  rounded corners, textured and non textured walls, intricate craftman details, and of course all the lines, experience matters.


The meticulous needs of  all interior projects  is what makes European Style, Inc  the Elite choice for all interior painting, staining, refinishing, and restoration needs.

We can handle many projects to get the inside of your property that “fresh” new look you are after. 

Going Green? So Are We!


Going Green is not just a passing trend, but a way of life.

Here in Colorado, we understand the importance of balancing the eco system and our needs to change our properties or restore them to their former glory, and European Style, Inc. takes that seriously.


We enjoy working with all eco-friendly, low odor paints and primers and utilizes earth friendly products, we use recyclable material, and are proud to do our part to be environmentally friendly. 

We are happy to help you “Go Green” too.

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